Tips for your trip

We have worked hard to make our home an enjoyable experience for you. We encourage all our guests to contribute to the "good vibes."

Vida Dulce (like most Playa Encanto homes) uses electric power, trucked in water and propane, and a septic tank. The appliances (except for the stove), the fans & the lights run off the electric. The stove, the water heater, and the heater in the bedroom use propane. The entertainment comes from the sea, the beach and the sun.

In no case should there be more than 6 guests at any one time. It stresses the systems and the house!

Vida Dulce's water is trucked in from a nearby aquafer and stored in an underground cistern. We have a 5 micron filter and have not had any problems using it for brushing our teeth & washing fruits and vegetables. You may want to bring your own water for drinking and cooking. Conscientious use of water will assure enough for your stay, so try to avoid long showers. Please take laundry home to conserve water and maximize your fun in the sun.

For your comfort & convenience, please be sure to conserve electrical power. The system components are chosen to provide adequate power with thoughtful consumption. It is helpful to turn off lights and fans when not using them and forego blow driers, electric irons, and curling irons (this is the beach!) Candles are provided for emergencies.

If for some reason something runs out, please notify the management. An extra charge will apply for excess water or propane use. Please bag & seal all garbage and put outside the gate. Pickups are on Monday & Friday mornings, or it can be dropped off near the Security Gate.

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